At Dr. Bruce J. Cutilli Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, LLC, the satisfaction and well -being of our patients is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on highly personalized care for every one of our patients and appreciate when our patients take their valuable time to recognize the great care and service that they receive at our office. As a thank you to our patients, we have decided to include some of their written testimonials below.

Dr. Cutilli made what could have been an uncomfortable situation comfortable and relaxed. I really appreciated his professional yet gentle manner in all of his dealings with me. Dr. Cutilli showed a human aspect in his patient care that I have not experienced from any other doctor in a long time. I appreciated all the time he spent with me. ˜Jen˜

Dr. Cutilli – I want to thank you so very much for your surgical expertise but especially for your personal care with me. It’s all too seldom you find that these days and I know it helps people to cope and get well. Please always keep your wonderful demeanor with your patients – it’s so important!˜Glen˜

Dr. Cutilli and staff – You are all lovely and friendly people. You made my visit a pleasant one instead of the ordeal I thought it would be. Thank you! ˜Marie˜

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful treatment that you provided for my son. He actually said that the procedure was “FUN!”˜Beth˜

Dr. Cutilli – you made such a scary time for me so easy. Thank you for getting me through it with your kindness, understanding, humor and brilliance as a doctor. ˜MaryAnn˜

I just want to say thank you to Dr. Cutilli and the entire staff for being so kind. Everyone made me feel so relaxed even though I was scared to death! It was very refreshing to walk into an office and be received by such a friendly, caring staff. ˜Chris˜

Dr. Cutilli – Unfortunately, too many times in today’s world you experience or hear stories regarding health care where patients often feel like victims at the hands of professionals who do not really care. The exact opposite is true of your office. You explained the procedure and side effects calmly, professionally and thoroughly. You seemed to genuinely be concerned about me. Before you began, I felt much more comfortable and knowledgeable. The procedure itself was a pleasant surprise, as you were both quick and gentle! It has been a long time since I was so impressed by a physician! ˜Christine˜

The purpose of this letter is praise the dental services of Dr. Bruce Cutilli. Recently I had to have a number of teeth extracted. Going to the dentist is not one of my favorite things. To say the least, I was very apprehensive about having my teeth extracted. Having Dr. Cutilli perform the oral surgery changed my entire attitude. He put me at ease by telling me that I would not feel any pain – and I didn’t. His kind understanding of my concerns made me feel very comfortable. He has a great sense of humor which relaxed me and actually had me laughing during the surgery. He has outstanding dental expertise which makes you feel confident. He is a perfectionist who is dedicated to doing the best job possible. He has an office staff who are very helpful and professional. Their attention to the needs of the patient are excellent. The environment of Dr. Cutilli’s office is very pleasant. He is a super oral surgeon and a wonderful person. He is the best oral surgeon I have had and I recommend him without reservation. ˜Maria˜

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